The NGO SOS Dental MEDICAL AND DENTAL exists with the goal of bringing dental medical care to needy people in inacessible places. We operate in various social programs in Brazil and abroad. So we can get resources for social care we are starting a nem service: MANANGEMENT OF PATIENT, lever aging our deep expertise in healthcare. Investing en a service of medical care in private places and quality of life of employees, tenants and customers/students.

Our Services:

  • In our Medical Outpatient, we are able to conduct clinical consultations, treatments and emergency procedures.
  • Manangement process of busiess license of The Medical Clinic at the Sanitary Surveillance.
  • Detailed report whit care
  • Fleet supervisor responsible for first responder and ambulance drivers-maintenance;
  • Nusrsing supervision by the responsible technical staff-procedures, standards an conduct
  • Accompanied by the customer to aproach and resolve all issues immediately
  • Service, removal, cleaning and emergenci protocol, prepared for each Consultation Service.
  • Biannual recycling technical and behavioral understanding of employees, training at the headquartes of the NGO SOS Dental professional whit specialized

Trainning and Courses:

  • Automated External Defribrillator
  • First Aind
  • Basic APH

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